Newsletter – March 2010

The first meeting of 2010 was held March 18th. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we had good interest shown in the attendance of some new people. One of those who attended is also going to be a major help by cutting the major expense of the pool maintenance significantly. He is a neighbor and he has offered his services to take care of the pool for the cost of the chemicals. He is qualified to do so and after the legal ramifications and expectations of maintenance were worked out with him he was voted in as the VP in charge of the pool on an interim basis until a formal election can be had. More will be posted later about this, but for now please note that the savings will be several thousand dollars to Ivy Springs. A very special thanks.

On that note it should be noted that there are vacant board officer positions. There will be a meeting April 22nd in the pool area, weather permitting, to have formal elections to fill these vacancies. If you are interested please come to the meeting or let Tim Kinzel or Merlin Crandall know. Should there be inclement weather that evening the meeting will be at the home of Tim Kinzel. We need all the help we can get as we prepare for the 2010 pool season and continued maintenance and improvement of the common property.

You will note that again we have chosen to use the invoice as one of the means for membership dues. Please remember this is NOT a bill nor is it mandatory to join the HOA. Once again the appeal is made to the concern of the neighbors for the neighborhood and our common property. It is to the advantage of us all for our personal property values as well as the security of the neighborhood to become a member of the HOA. Along with the commitment of financial support it is also helpful to take part in neighborhood projects such as planting the flowers at the front entrance, the pool party preparations and to make a commitment to be involved as much as one can in other projects that will come up down the road.

Please remember the upcoming meeting in April and thank you all for the support and kind words you have shared. It means a great deal to us all.


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