- Web Presence Development.You need more than a website. You need “web presence”. At we get to know our clients and their businesses and help them develop and implement a strategic presence on the web. We develop websites that become their “web-hub” and integrate them with the spokes of social networking in a simple and effective way. We believe in creating content once, but taking advantage of social networking to syndicate the message across numerous networks, reaching the “tribe” wherever they are.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type of Business: Web Design and Development


Telephone number: 678.681.1815

Point of Contact: Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs

Contact Email address:

Hours: 8-5 Monday through Friday

Ivy Springs resident specials: We offer a 10% finder’s fee commission if you refer us to a prospect and we close the deal. This includes referring yourself or your business.


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